And God Made a Mother

Why Are Mothers So Special?

Today around the world, mothers are being celebrated for the goodness, love and light they bring into our lives. Mothers are priceless and will always be cherished for who they are and all that they do.

And a mother is not just she who carried a child in her womb, she is that woman who has loved a child other than her own. She is that woman who has opened up her heart to love her husband’s children from a previous marriage.

She is that woman who opened up her heart and home to care for and nurture orphaned children. She is that woman who is using her wealth and resources to give children light and hope in a broken world. This is what makes a mother special. And this is why mothers will always live in our hearts forever.


She was crafted with care.
She was built to last.
She is everything humanity will ever need.
And God made a mother.

She is made in the image of God.
She was crafted in the mind of God.
She is walking in the purpose of God.
And God made a mother.

She is a carrier of seeds of greatness.
She carries destinies in her womb for a season.
She births them in the fullness of time.
And God made a mother.

Have you seen her travail to bring forth?
Oh! What an intense moment.
She bears it all, just to give life to another.
And God made a mother.

She has her many sleepless nights.
She has her seasons of victory and pain.
She has her moments of doubt and hope..
And God made a mother.

She is everything you will ever need.
She gives love, faith and hope.
She builds lives and shapes destinies.
And God made a mother.

Love her or hate her.
Curse her or break her.
She will always be remembered.
And God made a mother.

She nurtured you outside and within.
She took you in when no else wanted you.
She loved you even though she never bore you.
And God made a mother.

She is beautiful.
She is selfless.
She is inspiring.
And God made a mother.

She is you and I.
She is the wind beneath many success stories.
She is a light that will shine for many generations.
And God made a mother.

Lift her.
Celebrate her.
Become her.
Because God made a mother.


Image source: Google, Pexels

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