Let Adversity Introduce You To Yourself.


Life is a journey, and on that journey, there will be rough roads to navigate,

Bad terrains to conquer and many mountains to climb.

There will also be tough times, challenges to overcome and times of adversity.

Weep not in that moment but rather let that adversity introduce you to yourself.

Tough times will show the depth of your strength.

Rough times will show the tenacity of your faith.

Hard times will show the audacity of your hope.

Challenges will show you how deeply rooted you are.

Trials will show you how life works.


Pain will show how resilient you are.

Adversity will show us who you really are.

Adversity will show the strength of your character.

Adversity will also introduce you to yourself.

N.B Stand strong and never ever give up.

Many Hugs,


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