A Lover Like No Other (1)


She strapped me to her back many years ago, as I struggled to stand on my feet unaided. I was weak and restless, yet she remained calm.

She had faith and waited patiently for the doctor’s diagnosis. She knew that I will be fine. Many years later, I still have that image of my 7 year old self strapped to my mummy’s back. And yes, children never really forget.

She was there once again. I was held down with a bad case of malaria. I was no longer a child but a young growing woman. I was weak and helpless, with no words to say. And there she was, by my side to bathe me, feed me and nurture me back to health. I still have those images in my head.

And yes, children never really forget how you loved and how much you stood by them.

She has been there all along. As I made my entrance into her body. She was there with me and gave her body to accommodate me for 9 good months.

She endured all the changes her body went through because of me. She was strong at times and restless at other times. She tickled my feet and giggled as I played around inside her. I felt her touch all the time.

She sang to me. She spoke to me. She prayed for me. She told me how much she loved me. And that she will always be there for me.

And there she was as I made my grand entrance into the world. I made her whine and cry for some hours before I showed up. She pushed me forth with all her strength. Though weary and exhausted from her labour, she still held me close and touched me all over.

She has been there with me all my life. She dressed me up for my first day at school. She taught me new words. She taught me new songs. She made me laugh with her stories. She shared about her struggles and journey.

She worked hard to make ends meet. She wore few jewelries and had no time for excesses. She made sure there was always food on the table.

She has always been there for me. She worked. She talked. She counselled. She encouraged. She supported. She believed. She prayed. She stood.

There is a lover like no other.
Her words are life.
Her actions are lessons.
Her counsels are gold.
Her life a light.

There is a lover like no other.
She carried me.
She nurtured me.
She raised me.
She taught me.

There is a lover like no other.
She is mother to me.
She is giver to me
She is goodness to me.
She is love to me.

There is a lover like no other.
She loved me selflessly.
She gave to me endlessly.
She believed in me openly.
She prayed for me ceaselessly.

She is a lover like no other.
May the fire of her love keep burning.
May the light in her life keep shining.

© 2018, Fijabi Ufuoma

I Dedicate this piece to every mother. You are appreciated and you give us a good glimpse of what love really is. God bless you and keep you.

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