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8 Reasons Why God Made You A Mother


Do you know that motherhood will sometimes bring you the good, the bad and the ugly?

Well if you didnt know it, I’m telling you now!

Have you ever seen a woman who waited 8 years to conceive her first child. Her burden is lifted when she gets pregnant, fingers crossed, she is anxious till
the day her baby arrives and then you will see the good of motherhood.

Then, you must have seen a woman whose marriage has turned sour and her aggression and anger is turned towards her children. It’s a sorry sight but there you will see the bad of motherhood.

Then, there’s that woman who sees her children as a burden and limitation. She cares less about their education, health and future. She just wants to enjoy her own life. There, you see the ugly side of motherhood.

Now, read this; It may be that your pregnancy was not planned and you might have even called it a mistake but I want you to know that God chose you and made you a mother for a reason.

You may be overwhelmed by the many challenges of motherhood, times are hard and your children must be fed, clothed and educated but know this, you are perfect for your children and God chose you for them.

He chose you to raise them, to train them and nurture them for He knows that you alone are fit for that role in those lives.

Motherhood is power.

Motherhood is influence.

Motherhood is about impacting generations to come.

Embrace your role and love the journey.

Here are 8 reasons why God made you a mother.

1. God made you a mother because he believes in you.

2. God made you a mother because he knows you have so much to give.

3. God made you a mother because he sees how much impact you can make.

4. God made you a mother because he knows how much influence you have.

5. God made you a mother to nurture and build the next generation.

6. God made you a mother to serve and love unconditionally.

7. God made you a mother to shape hearts and build lives.

8. God made you a mother so that you may give life and light to the next generation.

Yes, God made you a mother for a reason.

© 2018, Fijabi Ufuoma


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