7 Best Pieces Of Advice For First-Time Moms During Lock Down.

Is this the best time and season to have a baby?

Yes and No!

Why? You may be asking.

Yes, because babies will always be born irrespective of events and circumstances.

And No, because there is a new virus in town.

The deadly Covid-19 virus also known as Coronovirus is spreading its tentacles far and wide across nations in the world. Its effect leaving many dead and others battling for their lives.

My home country, Nigeria is not left out of this pandemic. We have seen few deaths and a daily rise in the number of new cases of Corona virus in the country.

This has led to a lock down in some major states in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Some countries have been on lock down for about two months now.

Especially where there have been more new cases of the virus. This is a tough season in the world, and we pray to come out of it soon.

But most especially, it is a tougher season for pregnant mothers. They still have to go to the hospital for their routine ante-natal classes. And they also have to birth their babies when labor kicks in during this lock down.

A hospital is the last place anyone would like to go now, because of fear of contacting the virus. But what happens to an about-to-be mother who is about to bring a child into the world.

She must ensure to take the necessary safety precautionary methods given. And only pray that God will keep her and her new born baby safe, when he finally arrives the world.

And what happens next after you leave the hospital with your new baby?

What measures can you put in place to help keep you and your baby safe?

If you are a first-time mom right now, you are in a unique time and season. This calls for extra-care and protection, especially for you and your newborn baby.

7 Best Pieces Of Advice For First-Time Moms During Lock down.


You should try to stock up on essential things. Things like your baby’s food and diapers among other things must be priority.

This will help limit exposing you and your baby if you have to go out every day to buy what you need.

Some shops and supermarkets are still open for business, but only for a short period of time. So you can take advantage of their opening hours and buy things that will last you up to a week or a month.


Essential service providers in most countries are still working. They form the exclusive that are not part of the stay-at-home order.

Here in Nigeria, our PRIMARY HEALTH CARE CENTRES are open. This is where most routine immunizations take place. Except if you have opted for a private hospital to have your baby’s immunizations.

Ensure that you go there on the dates given. Save the dates and show up with your baby at the health center or hospital on that day. It is so important to immunize babies early against viral and bacterial diseases.


The need for cleanliness and proper hygiene cannot be over-emphasized now. This becomes even more necessary with a new-born baby in the house.

You want to try as much as possible to prevent your new baby from getting an infection.

And you can achieve this by cleaning floors and surfaces with clean water /disinfectants regularly.

Always sweep out dirt and put in a covered bin. Also dispose used diapers in time.

You must also wash your hands with soap and water before carrying your baby and making his food. Ensure the baby’s bottles are well-washed and sterilized after each meal.


It is true that celebration and visitations always follow the birth of a new baby.

Your family, friends, neighbors and well-wishers will visit. They want to meet and greet the mother and her baby.

Social distancing is being advised, and it is wise to avoid inviting visitors into your home now.

This is also not the best time to conduct a naming ceremony as done here in this part of my world. It is wise to limit exposing yourself and your child now.

Do things in a different way this time. You can name your child at home with your husband. Or you can have your pastor or spiritual leader pray with your family over the phone, as you name your child.


This happens to be a very great opportunity to nourish your child with all the breast milk he needs.

You are in a lock down and have all the time you need. You now have enough more than enough time to breastfeed your babies well.

Now, you have your moment, use the available time to breastfeed your child as much as he wants. You can also read up about the many benefits of breast milk to your baby.


The lock down has brought families closer. You have your opportunity to get to know your family members better. And also get to talk and bond more as a family.

If you are a new mother, you can use this time to get to know your baby. Find out what he likes, his reactions and dislikes, and play preferences. It is also a great time to track his growth process and monthly milestones.

One other thing you can do during this lock down is to talk to your baby. Some mothers find this strange, but it is something that you can learn to do. Talk to your baby, he can hear you loud and clear.

Reports say that talking with babies help their brains develop. Doing this can help children do better at school when they’re older.


Did you know that washing your hands throughout the day is important?

And washing your hands is even more important during a pandemic. Most especially, when you have a baby and young children in the home.

Science shows that washing your hands for 20 seconds or more is effective in killing germs.

And that hand washing can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). But this must be done the right way with soap and water.

Here is how to wash your hands the right way in four simple steps.

1. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold). Make sure the water isn’t too hot for little hands.

2. Use soap and lather up for about 20 seconds. Any soap will do.

3. Make sure you get between your fingers, on the backs of hands, and under the nails where germs like to hang out. And don’t forget your wrists.

4. Rinse and dry well with a clean towel.

Please remember to stay safe and keep your baby safe.

Which of these advice did you find useful

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