5 Reasons Why You Must Embrace Your Role As A Mother


About 8 years ago, I stared at my newborn son by my side. His eyes were wide open adjusting to life outside my body. I was amazed! This life I carried inside me for 9 long months was finally here. He stared back at me even as I held onto his little finger.

I had many questions in my head and heart. I was tired from the pains of birthing, but all I wanted was a warm bath and the comfort of my bedroom. Yet, I thought about what lay ahead of me.

I was excited but also afraid of this new journey. This was a new path. I was a mother now and my life was about to change forever.

Can you remember how you felt seeing your baby for the first time?

What kind of emotions did you express?

Did you quickly embrace your new role?

Did you feel bad about this new journey?

Yes, being a mother is the greatest job in the world.

But you will also agree with me that being a mother can be hard and overwhelming sometimes.

You will loose your sanity sometimes.

You will feel afraid on some days.

You will make mistakes.

You will cry silent tears.

You will crave being alone on other days.

You will feel defeat sometimes.

And you may even want to give it all up.

But can you look back at that moment when you held your newborn in your arms.

What did you feel in your heart?

Motherhood is a gift. Mother is a high calling.

You are a mother and you are here to bless and change lives forever.

Are you willing to embrace this role you have been given?

Are you ready to discover more about you?

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Must Embrace Your Role As a Mother:

1. You have the capacity to feed multitudes (generations).

2. You carry a message that has the capacity to change lives.

3. You have the ability to create little everyday miracles.

4. You have the capacity to influence lives.

5. You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

And yes, generations after you will carry your message, if you will only embrace your role today.


Many Hugs,


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