5 Reasons You Must Inspire Your Girl Child.


Today is the International Day of The Girl Child, and it is all about girls.

Yes, girls, girls, girls. Girl power, girls winning, girls leading, girls becoming and girls inspiring the world.

I am a girl and I have a girl in my life now. She came into my world 2 years ago and she has the most amazing smile.

Her presence can never go unnoticed, she is full of energy and her laughter is infectious. She is my daughter and a girl who is just learning about the world.

I am girl who seeks knowledge and always searches for inspiration. I am a girl, I am a mother, my life and values can either make or break the generation after me.

Every girl needs some inspiration. Inspiration to live, to give and to become. Every little girl is special and she needs to hear it. That little girl needs to know how valuable and priceless she is.

Every girl needs some inspiration. Inspiration to dream, to believe and to achieve. Every little girl needs to know that she can achieve her dreams. That little girl needs some courage and faith in those wings to fly.


Every girl needs some inspiration. Inspiration to love and to lead. She must learn to love herself. She must appreciate her uniqueness. Teach her that her self-worth must never  be thrown to the dogs. Teach her that her life can become a pathway that can lead many to greatness.

Every needs girl some inspiration. Inspiration from people, places and stories. She needs a mother who will model values like integrity, humility, discipline, hard-work, honesty love, courage and faith to her.

She must also learn to travel the world with her imagination, by reading good books and growing a deep hunger for knowledge.

Every girl needs good education. Empower her. Support her. Encourage her.

Teach her about the value of getting an education. Show her girls like her who are changing the world everyday with their gifts, grace, words, skills, ideals and values.

Here are 3 reasons why you must inspire your girl child.

  1. Girls are nurturers. They go on to mould and shape the next generation.
  2. Girls are builders and influencers. Their words have the power to influence the next generation.
  3. Girls are givers. Their love is unparalleled and its impact never forgotten. Just ask a girl child about her mother.
  4. Girls are a strong support system. Their compassion and deep strength are a great source of inspiration.
  5. Girls run the world! Beyonce sang it.  Empower a girl and you empower a nation, a people and a generation. She comes, she lives and she leaves a legacy.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child.

Inspire a girl.

Love a girl.

Empower a girl today with your story, your voice and your words.

Many Hugs,






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