3 quick ways to pray daily for your children
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5 Quick Ways to Pray Daily for Your Children

Praying daily for your children is one great way to show love, care, and support for them. But sometimes life gets in the way, and we get to neglect this very important aspect of our parenting journey. Today, I am sharing with you 5 Quick Ways to Pray Daily for Your Children.

Do you Struggle with Prayer as a Mom?

Have you ever been fired up as a mother after listening to a particular sermon in church? The sermon was centered around the theme of prayer, and you could see how cold your prayer life has been.  Your action plan is to start praying consistently for your children. You are ditching prayerlessness for good.

What a great day it is to start this new routine in your life. You have your plan laid out for the evening, bible in hand, worship playlist, journal/pen and words to declare. And then you take that spot on your sofa, start to mumble some words when you suddenly jump up at the sound of your alarm and realize that it is 5am in the morning.

If you can relate, please raise those hands up. You still have clothes from the previous day, and then that guilt feeling washes over you. “Not again”, you say.

I remember many times laying down on my bed late in the evening and determined to pray for my kids. But then my tired body took over and my eyes slowly shut out from the world around me.

I love the words of Mark Batterson – ” You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent.”

What about the guilt that grips your heart as you hear other mothers tell stories about how they are awake every other night praying hard for their children? You are then left wondering if you are really doing enough.

I have learnt that prayer is communication with God. It is me talking to God. It is you listening and hearing God speak to you. So, whether you mumble those words about your children to him while doing dishes or sing him a song of praise while making meals or just pour out your heart out to him in worship when taking a shower. It really doesn’t matter. Remember that prayer is a personal and intimate experience. Only let those words you speak in prayer for your children come from the heart of a daughter who seeks wisdom, hope and strength in the arms of her heavenly father.

I want you to know also that God hears every single word you speak about your children. He also hears all your unspoken desires for them. And if you ever feel like you are not doing enough to fill up those prayer tanks for your children, remember that little drops of prayer can make a mighty ocean.

5 quick ways to incorporate daily prayers for your children into your life.

1. Early Morning Blessings

You can start your day by speaking blessings and protection over your children. This can be done while they are still asleep or when you come together in the morning. Declare God’s peace, guidance, wisdom, and safety for your children throughout the day.

2. Pray Together 

Your mornings can get very busy as a mother, but commitment and being intentional is very key on this journey. You can always say a quick prayer together with your child/children before or after bath-time in the morning. And whenever it is possible, involve your children in prayer. Encourage them to share their own prayers and concerns. Praying together is a great way to strengthen your bond with your children and also grow their own relationship with God.

3. Bedtime Prayers

Have you ever taken out a moment to watch the silent rise and fall of the chest of your children while they fall asleep? Amazing! You can feel the grace, peace and calm around them when they finally fall asleep. As you hug or kiss your child goodnight, you can put your hands on their heads and speak blessings into their lives.

And if there is any specific issue in mind over any child, use those few minutes to tell it to your heavenly father. Make it a habit to say a bedtime prayer with your children before they go to sleep. Remember to include gratitude for the day and ask for rest, good dreams, and protection. Encourage your children to add their own prayers as well.

prayers for your children


4. Pause and Pray

Throughout the day, whenever you think of your children or feel impressed to pray concerning them, take a moment to pause and offer a quick prayer. It can be as simple as saying, “God, please watch over my child right now at school and lead them away from danger and harm.”

Sometimes, there may just be that nudge in your spirit to leave all you are doing to spend some minutes to intercede for your child. Never leave that nudge unattended to. When you can pause in the busyness of everyday life, God can speak clearly to you concerning areas of your children’s life that need attention. He can open your eyes to see when danger lies ahead for your child and how to pray against such things. Remember to pause and pray.

5. Praying Scriptures

God’s word is so powerful. Imagine speaking it over the lives of your children daily. It never returns to you empty, for it will go forth to accomplish that which has been spoken. God’s word in your mouth is a weapon to ward off enemy intruders trying to invade the lives and destinies of your children.

You can write out specific scriptures that resonate with you in your journal and pray for your children. Personalize these scriptures in your prayers using your children’s names. For example, you can pray for their faith, health, body, relationships, and character based on relevant Bible verses.

Dear friend, note that you can start afresh today and begin to entrust your children to God daily in prayer. The important thing is for you to cultivate a daily practice of lifting your children up in prayer, as you trust God to guide them through life. Will you find new and creative ways to keep praying constantly for your children today?

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