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37 Empowering Affirmations For Every Mother

” Speak your mantra, phrases that give you comfort in difficult moments.” Unknown

Mothers are known to be strong and adaptable beings. They go through some really tough times in their lives and never loose their true essence.

And one of the ways mothers have been able to keep their sanity intact, is by speaking positive words to themselves every single day.

You may have heard or even seen her murmur words quietly to herself, especially in her low moments.

Did you know that words are a powerful tool for empowerment, encouragement and support?

Yes, words especially the right kind of words, when spoken to one’s self as a mother can uplift your soul and help build your self- esteem.

You may call them just words, but I call them affirmations.

“An Affirmation is a declaration that something is true.”

And what you may not know is that great things happen inside you when you commit to saying positive and empowering words to yourself as a mother every single day.

You eventually become those words that you are saying to yourself. You also become the kind of mother that you have been saying that you are.

Do you have personal affirmations as a mother?

What if you had a list of 37 empowering affirmations to say every single day.

I have compiled a great list of 37 empowering affirmations that you and every mother can start saying to herself every single day.

You can say them first thing in the morning when you wake up or just when you are about to go to bed at night.

5 quick tips to help you as you begin your affirmations journey.

– Make a personal commitment.
– Choose a convenient time.
– Get an accountability partner.
– Be consistent.
– Never give up.

Remember that your words can build or break you. You can start your day today by saying these empowering words to build you up mentally and lift your soul on this motherhood journey.

37 Empowering Affirmations For Every Mother.

1. I have been equipped for this motherhood role.
2. I am enough and all that my children need.
3. I am the best mother for my children.
4. I am an important part of my children’s life.
5. I am an intentional mother.
6. I am my children’s life long teacher.
7. I am more than just a mother to my children.
8. I am a positive role model for my children.
9. I am an inspiration to my children.
10. I am a blessing to my children.
11. I am a positive influence in the lives of my children.
12. I am sowing seeds of love, grace, faith, hope and greatness in the lives of my children.
13. I have what it takes to raise godly children.
14. I am well able to fulfill my ministry as a mother.
15. I am not in competition with other mothers.
16. I am learning to be a better mother everyday.
17. I am stronger than I seem.
18. I am braver than I think.
19. I am bolder than I believe.
20. I am caring and compassionate.
21. I am wise and discerning.
22. I am loving and lovable.
23. I am kind and respectful.
24. I am calm and peaceful.
25. I am smart and intelligent.
26. I am creative and talented.
27. I am empowered and productive.
28. I am fruitful and blessed.
29. I am strong and healthy.
30. I am focused and disciplined.
31. I am valued and loved.
32. I am favored and prosperous.
33. I am beautiful and have a large heart.
34. I am a happy mother.
35. I am making great memories with my children every single day.
36. I am grateful for the ability to nurture and shape lives.
37. I grateful that God made me a mother.

Are you getting started today on this affirmations journey?


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  1. Thank you, Ufuoma. This is very helpful. Affirmations are important for mums. The more we affirm ourselves, the more we love our roles.

  2. Ufuoma Fijabi says:

    Absolutely. We begin to truly love and appreciate our roles. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. This affirmations are wonderful,
      Indeed I’m an inspiration, positive role model and an intentional mother….

      1. Ufuoma Fijabi says:

        Thank you for reading.

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