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3 Ways to Get Inspired for Your Motherhood Walk

pexels-photo-256807Do you get worn out sometimes doing the same things over and over again?

Do you feel like shutting out on some days just to regain your sanity?

Do you crave being alone in your personal space away from the noise and mess ?

Do you long for those alone moments where silence can become the best companion?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a mother to newborns, toddlers and young childrenπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I remember some years back after a very exhausting day, I was trying to catch a nap when I suddenly felt something tugging at my eyelids. The next voice I hear asks, ‘Mummy are you sleeping?’πŸ™„πŸ™„

Ahhh, this child. You see me with my eyes closed and you are asking me if I am sleeping.**shaking my head with eyes wide open**. But it is amazing how little children come into your world and change a lot of things.

You will give more as a mother, you will love more, you will learn to adapt and you will learn patience while interacting with your little ones.

Your motherhood walk is in seasons. There will be seasons of growth, seasons of learning, seasons of teaching and seasons of impacting. But while on this walk, distractions will come, challenges will show up and you may even get to loose focus of what it means to be a mother on this journey.

But then, are you willing to find new ways to make your motherhood walk a memorable one? Here are 3 ways that you can find inspiration for your motherhood walk.
Did you know that books have a way of calming your weary soul? A book will many times speak to a particular situation in your life.

And as a mother, there are a variety of subjects you can read about. There are so many great motherhood and parenting books that you can learn a lot from.

It is from Stormie Omartian’s book I learnt how to pray through a child’s room. It is also from Gary Chapman’s book I got to know about the 5 love languages in detail.

So to thrive on this motherhood walk, you must make out time to read. Find good books, buy them and read them. If you need clarity on some subjects as a mother, invest in books and you will be glad you did.

I remember when Emmanuella Tijani shared the story of Sussanah Wesley on her facebook wall, I had to drop a comment because I had read that same story earlier.

It is a story I think every mother should read. It is about how one mother with many children was able to have a deep relationship with God despite having a full and busy home. She devised a means to make out time for God and went on to raise children who made impact in their lifetime.

I also love reading stories about mothers of children doing great things in the world. I recall listening to Elon Musk’s mother describe her son’s huge appetite for reading as a child. And how his quest for knowledge has brought him this far.

You can unlearn, learn and relearn from mothers around the world and be inspired to do more as a mother. Wisdom they sayvis profitable to direct.


What do you see when you sit and watch your children play? What do you hear when they sit by your side to tell you stories about their day? What comes to your heart when you experience their well of knowledge and see how much they can achieve?

You will always remember that moment when you held your newborn for the first time. Your love took a new turn and your heart opened up in a way you have never known. Your deepest desire at that moment, was to always care for and
protect your priceless gift.

Your children are God’s gift to you. They are the masterpieces and influencers that will shape the world tomorrow. And did you know that the process that leads to who they become starts right there in your home.

Every child has great potential, and that child’s challenges and victories can inspire you to become a better mother.

Their future and security can motivate you to seek knowledge and create better opportunities for them.

Their words and voices can become your daily reminder of that which truly matters in life.

Your chidren are the hope the future needs and with this awareness can come great inspiration.


The place of prayer can never be neglected in your motherhood walk. It is in the place of prayer that you can get answers and clarity concerning different areas in the lives of your children.

Sometimes in that place of prayer, divine inspiration shows up and births the extraordinary. Will you find time to pray today and always?

Many Hugs,


Β© 2018, Fijabi Ufuoma

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