3 Things Every Mother Should Have In Her Hands and Heart.


Do you know that motherhood happens and sometimes you never know what to expect?

You become star struck with your new baby and at other times you are overwhelmed with this new role and simply need to breathe.

After giving birth to my first child about 8 years ago, time suddenly became a scarce commodity and then the world stopped revolving around us. ( My hubby and I)

Someone else had taken the spotlight.

This newbie would keep me awake at odd hours, get me worried over every new thing discovered about him and leave me looking like I had not slept in ages.

I was happy that I was a mother but I also struggled with my new role and identity.

I had moments of pure joy and gratitude but then I also had moments of fear about my new journey and responsibility.

But then as I embraced my new role, I realised that no mommy is perfect and that we learn, we grow and are changed in this motherhood journey.

And in my journey I have learnt that time remains a valuable asset, our words and lives must reflect our values and our prayers/affirmations really do matter.

So just in case you are starting out on this motherhood journey, or you have been there for a little while and perhaps you do not even know what being a mother feels like yet.

This is for you.



Do you know that life is short and seasons will come and go?

Every mother has been given the same amount of time to share, love, give and create memories with her children.

We each have that same amount of time to teach, to lead and to impact our children.

And did you know that within the space of this time we have been given, we can shape minds, write great stories and influence generations to come.

Also in a moment and within a split second, a mother’s words can either build or break a child forever.

Every mother has time in her hands.

Time to love, minutes to serve,  moments to give, seconds to teach and forgive, days to pray and moments to make great memories.

Time passes quickly and you may never get those lost moments back.

Quit complaining, rise up from the many challenges of motherhood and use the time you have in your hands to build, give, love and make lasting memories.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.” Jim Rohn


Every mother is a teacher and not just with lessons and words, her  life remains the greatest teacher.

Your values and beliefs will in one way or the other be passed on to your children.

You are the mirror through which your child will look to see what he/she looks like. If Mommy is beautiful, then I am beautiful. If Mommy is smart then I can be smart.

Every mother is a book that her children will read someday, within its chapters, they will  find hope, courage and inspiration in their life’s journey.

We have been called as mothers to pass on the baton of faith and love to the next generation. Our words matter and our values give direction.

Will you live everyday with FAITH AND COURAGE in your heart?

Will your words always be filled with truth? HONESTY being your watchword.

Will you strive to teach your children the value of HARD WORK and show them the power of PERSISTENCE?

Will you shun LAZINESS and IDLENESS and teach them to discover the Power of their IMAGINATION?

Will you show them what LOVE really is and why COMPASSION is a noble virtue?

HOPE must never be lost in your life and you must show them that life is about SERVING and GIVING.

You are a mother and must have values to teach.

Your words must always match your actions and your life a reflection of your values.

Always remember that, “A man’s values will travel with him throughout his lifetime.”


Your words are powerful and as you speak them, their creative power become manifest.

Every mother must have words to speak. You must open your mouth to tell yourself who you are irrespective of what the world may think or say.

Say to yourself; I am smart, I am bold, I can do all things, I am valuable, I am a blessing not a burden, I am an asset not a liability.

These are words of affirmation and many more that can fill your mouth and life.

Every mother always has so much in her heart to say, her desires for her children and her faith for their future.

Will you learn to pray and trust in him who owns your future?

Words may fail you sometimes.

Trials may overwhelm you at other times and your heart may just be too heavy.

Let the silent conversations in your heart go on and let those unspoken words come alive in letters.

There is someone who knows your struggles and hears those silent conversations in your heart.

You are a mother and a warrior. You can fight on your knees for the destinies of your children.

You can go to battle with words to win back a lost child.

And you will always have words to speak. Let those words be laced with wisdom, filled with hope and garnished with gratitude.

Let this heart of yours always be filled with prayers and words of affirmation.

© 2017, Fijabi Ufuoma

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