3 Powerful Motherhood Lessons From The Cross


You celebrated Easter over a week ago and it is a time when you reflected on the redemptive work of Christ.

I for one, received a lot of greetings and messages of resurrection wishes and I know you did too.

Jesus Christ died to save the world from sin and death and because he lives, you have no fear of what tomorrow brings.

But while you celebrate the victories wrought on the cross, I’ll like you to take a moment to remember that a mother once watched her son die like a criminal.

He was beaten and bruised. He was given a crown made of thorns. He was stripped of his garment.

He was nailed to a cross. He was hung between two criminals while she watched many mock and despise him.

She wept and watched in pain as her son fulfilled his purpose. And just before he drew his last breath, he gave her a new son, and his disciple a new mother. He showed her that even though he was going away, her life was not over yet.

At the cross, motherhood took a new meaning, a mother whose heart had been shattered received hope to start a new journey. Here are 3 powerful motherhood lessons from the cross.


This love never forsakes her children. Mary followed Jesus through his persecutions, trials and eventual death. She stood by him throughout his lifetime.

And even though there was little she could do at the cross, her presence was just enough.

Will you stand with your child/children in their moments of trial and pain?


Have you noticed sometimes how mothers are able to stand in the midst of overwhelming challenges?

Mary’s heart had been strengthened for this journey. She remained standing in the midst of her pain.

I want you to know that for every child given, strength and ability has been given to mother from the heart.

Will you find that strength to stand when life’s challenges come calling?


You will always remember Mary, the mother of Jesus. A mother who was chosen to birth and nurture the saviour of the world.

She never questioned her purpose but rather submitted to God’s will for her life.

Everywhere the name of Jesus is mentioned in the world, his mother Mary will always be in the picture.

She came, she nurtured, she listened, she followed and stood by her son till he drew his last breath on the cross.

God made you a mother for a reason.

What will your legacy be?

© 2018, Fijabi Ufuoma

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  1. Liz Giertz says:

    Beautiful application, friend! I love the lessons you bring out in Mary’s mothering! Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much Liz for reading.

  2. That was a powerful message. And really has me thinking of my legacy with my son. I pray God moves me to raise him as He intends, but I should be doing much more. Thank you for this!

    1. You are welcome Lisa.

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