23 Valuable Life Lessons From Mom

” Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws” Barbara Kingsolver

Motherhood means strength, courage, tenacity, wisdom, grace, perseverance, faith, selflessness and love. The word ‘mother’ means different things to different people.

The world will always speak about the unique bond that exists between a mother and child. And many around the world are quick to proudly share about their mothers and the invaluable lessons she taught them.

Lessons From Mothers

A mother’s words are always never forgotten. A mother’s values are always transferred. A mother’s legacy is always passed on. A mother’s lessons will always be a guide in our life’s journey.

What is the that valuable lesson your mother taught you?

We are sharing valuable life lessons from mothers today as we celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ with others around the world.

1. ‘ My mum was not always around due to work, but she taught me to not judge people, love people but give allowance for their excesses and frailty.

She never uttered any negative word even when she was very angry. She used to call us professors in Yoruba whenever she was angry with us. (I got to know the English connotation when I became an adult) ‘ Ajayi Grace Adedayo

2. ‘ My Mother taught me to respect the world God created.’ Lisa Leshaw

3. ‘ My mum taught me to never use food/hunger as a way to get back at people.’ Tobo Ogheneovo

4. ‘ Mum taught me to be generous. She can give just about anything within her means to help someone in need. She also taught me the principle of hard-work. She loathes laziness.’ Adedolapo Wright Ebadan

5. ‘ I did not grow up with my mom from childhood but I had a good relationship with her. We got to meet and bond again before she passed on. I cherish the memories we made in that short time. She was a friendly mother indeed.’ Mercy Christian

6. ‘ My Mom taught me so many virtues which l live by daily today. Firstly, she taught me about God. And not just God, but about the essence and sovereignty of God. She taught me prayer, all my life l woke up seeing her pray and the rewards of that action remains with us till this day.

She taught me that there is no age limit to getting an education. She will say to us, acquire it and become a force in your area of specialization. She taught me also the beauty of hard-work. Oh!, how we had to sell everything sellable just to make ends meet! She is amazing ! She is my Amazon.’ Mercy Alfred Chikezie

7. ‘My mom taught me the value of books. She inspired me to always read wide.’ Ufuoma Ofure Iyare

8. ‘ My mother taught me to hate debt and borrowing. That’s why I don’t borrow. She taught me contentment and hard-work. She also taught me the principle of self respect ‘. Arinola BA

9. ‘ My mum had rich family relatives. And while growing up as little kids, she would take us down to their houses every December. She was so delighted to work in their houses, hoping that they will show her kindness and help  after serving them. Help never came.

She told us after those events never to depend on anyone or relatives for anything. And she did all she could, giving all she had to us. My mum died before I graduated from the Higher institution in 2019, and I passed through hell to complete my tertiary education.

I am grateful for all that she did for us. Her love and memories will always linger in my heart forever and will be passed on to my kids.’ Ahakwenwon Goddey Jnr

10. ‘ Mum had to travel to the village to visit her mum(my grandma). I remember walking her to the park and she held my hands and told me to take my job very serious so as to be my own boss one day.

Today I am my own boss, things are not yet how I desire it to be, but my mum’s words have kept me going. She did not return from that journey and that was the last piece of advice that she gave me.

My mum also taught me to stand on my words and never allow anyone talk down on me. I remember when my landlady then told me that I will end up marrying an agbalagba (old man) as a second wife, because no man wants to marry a second-hand woman.

I had gotten pregnant after secondary school and had my baby at the age of 18. When I told my mum what this woman said, she went to her and told her to her face that only God’s word will work in her children’s life. And that I will marry a man of my choice and have a happy home. It is so today.

My mum also taught me about the power of prayer, (kai mama Ngozi can pray fa). I remember her praying and calling out her children’s name one by one. I do that with my kids now. Mum was also a good cook and I also learnt that from her.

I remember when I had my little girl I cried because my mother-in-law wasn’t treating me like my mum would. I Love you mum and I miss you so much.’ Mabel Anwuna

11. ‘ My mum was a power house of wise sayings. The one that came to me recently is this : ALWAYS LEAVE A PLACE/PERSON BETTER THAN YOU MET IT. I employ this in all my dealings and it has made me a better person.’ Brenda Unu

12. ‘ My mum taught me so many things and I still learn from her till date. She taught me not to fight people because I don’t know what they can do to me. She kept telling me then how important it was for me to face my studies in school.’ Jibike Adebayo

13. Mum taught me sincerity, honesty and contentment. She taught me how to look good only within my budget. For instance I’d finish dressing and she’d say, ‘Ah ah, put more cream on your leg’ .Things like those.’ Umoren JoDara

14. ‘ My mum taught me the value of integrity and keeping my words. She placed so much value on education. We didn’t have the best of clothes, shoes but our schools fees was always paid on time. She shouldered all these responsibilities with little support.’ Blessing Temitope Kolade

15. ‘ My mum is very spiritual. I got that attribute from her and also perseverance. I am a fighter because of her. It is not always over until it is over. Not to forget the strict discipline that made me turn out stern. She lights up any room with her jokes too, another attribute I inherited.’ Enor Vwaire

16. ‘ Bad company corrupts good manners. Contentment is key in life. These I learnt from my mother.’ Jumoke Shode

17. ‘ My mom taught me to always give my best and be the best, second best was never good enough. She also taught me patience, endurance and compassion by her lifestyle.’ Onyinye Etoniru-Okoh

18. ‘ My mama was a true description of a virtuous Christian woman who cared for everyone around her old or young.’ Ruth Chukwu

19. ‘ My mom, my loving mom. When she was alive she always advised us, especially the girls to always respect our hubby no matter what, and that we should never use foo to punish our children. And that whenever a child complains , we should listen. She also taught us to watch out when a man likes a particular child (girl), and must never allow the child to enter the man’s house alone. I miss you mom.’ Mrs Ebedialu

20. ‘ My mum, she’s a mum with difference. She taught me patience. She taught me how to give challenges of life time to pass. She taught me contentment. My prayer for her is that she will live to eat the fruit of her labour in good health.’ Mum Chioma

21. ‘ My Mum, my world, my prayer partner. She taught me to be patient and take life one step at a time. The most important thing she did for me is bringing me into this world.

I Love you Mrs Eunice Titilayo Komolafe. Thanks for your patience with us, you will surely live longer, healthier to enjoy your labour in the land of the living.’ Yemisi Komolafe

22. ‘ My mother taught me loads of things. Top on the list are selflessness and being a strong woman.’ Oluwatosin Arodudu

23. ‘My mum taught me how to buy foodstuff in bulk for the home. Secondly, that a woman keeps the home together.’ Pamela Iroha

Thank you to all our blog readers for sharing valuable lessons from your mom. We are blessed to read these timeless lessons from your mothers.

Do you have valuable lessons from your mom that you would like to share with us? We would love to read them in the comments below.

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